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Functions of CUDA GPU mods


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I want to know more about the functions of CUDA and GPUs. Obviously GPUs are designed for graphic processing, but how might the GPU used for cracking, supercomputing and distributed computing? Are there any existing linux/windows software programs that utilize CUDA for something cool other than video processing?

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Why don't you go and look on the CUDA website to start? I'll even link you this time: CUDA @ NVIDIA - www.nvidia.com/cuda

No offense but don't register for a forum and first post ask a question which you could answer yourself extremely quickly and easily.

Now welcome to the community but please put in a little more leg work first.

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Its called stream processing, which is the little cousin of parallel processing. In terms of cracking a wpa key via brute force (which is a simple calculation) it simply means it can process lots of little jobs at once. Your CPU may be faster and more powerful but it can only check one answer at once (per core), so even with that extra speed it can't keep up with something that runs at half the speed but can check 50 keys per try.

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Do not be so dismissive of my question. Yes, I've already reviewed Nvidia's website and I've read several CS papers.

The information that I'm seeking is how CUDA is used for cracking and if there are any good aps that do this.

Pyrit looks to be interesting. Google is pretty interesting too.

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