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360 HDD Modding (Need HelP)


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Ask about 360 HDD modding

XBOX360 Original HDD:


Model:Unknown (N/A)

Size: 20.0 GB



Format State: FATX



Model:Travelstar (HTS541080G9SA00)

Size: 80.0 GB



Format State: None

What I would like to do is replace my old XBOX360 HDD with this new bigger drive.

Purpose being that after the recent Dashboard update, you can now save games to

the HDD. A 20.0 GB Drive just can't hold the various game files, updates, and the

games themselves with such little amount of space. So, what I have been able to

accomplish thus far is to create an image of my 20.0 GB drive using a program

called 360explorer or something like that. Here's where I need your help, I need

to know if it is possible to use the new drive in a 360. Secondly, is there a way

to format the drive so that it will work, and if so, how is that? If this is

possible, is there a way to extract the data from the original HDD or from the

image file to retain all save files, updates, etc. I would really appreciate the

help. All progress including pics, and walkthroughs, will be posted as they come


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See this is what I thouhgt initially as well, however, I do have a readme for using a program called hddhackr That uses the Western Digital Scorpio BEVS series....Unfortunately I do not know how to translate that program to fit my situation

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