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Microsuck suppoort


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Ok. my turn for a rant about M$. How hard is it to ship something? For the past four months I have been trying to get my xbox 360 into Microsoft for it to get repaired. The first times my address would not be recognized. I live in a semi-populated area. A national park, why wouldn't it be? It's government property, one that is apparently on UPS's radar, even though they deliver up to the medical facility up here, the two major businesses and the main NPS (National Park Service) buildings. I get deliveries from them and everything, yet their “system” did not find ANY of these.

Next is their way of us packaging it and sending it. They send out an email and then we package it and PAY to have it sent in for repairs, why, because their system sucks. Next, so finally after me calling them back a third time, I tried the previously stated medical facility that my mother works at and they said they would ship it there and to call back, but due to work and finishing school, I was unable for about a week, enough time for a box to arrive.

After nothing came in, I called them back, after deciding to give it to my GF for Christmas, I had a real reason to get in. they stated that even though THEY said to ship it there, they system didn't ship a box because it was not recognized. Seriously, can they not bypass such a simple thing? This at least the fourth to fifth call about my xbox 360, both with me and my father talking to them, such a company itself has troubles with tech support and its system, why? Its MICROSOFT, and yet they cannot cure such a simple bug? Finally after talking to the supervisor AGAIN and they would ship it to the address listed but I would have to PAY to ship it back, seriously? This is some bullshit . Thats all for now I was short with this and may add later but GOD DAMN

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Its not really a microsoft fault, more of a fault with customer service in general. I've had Dell do similar stuff, refused to send an engineer out because the system couldn't find the address despite the fact i had a Dell guy fixing another system on the desk next to me. Demand to speak to a manager, email the execs and any address you can find repeatedly until you get the situation resolved. And remember, the person your talking to on the phone a: understands the situation is beyond stupid and b: isn't paid enough to care. These call centers are farmed out to 3rd parties and do not represent the actual company. Just the janky barebones setup the callcenter owner decided on.

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I know, all of them are middle eastern/india accents and i dont blame them, its mainly the system is what im getting to as well. its a billion dollar company with a .50cent setup. and i have had a box shipped to THIS address before with their old system but they told me they changed setups and now it doesnt recognize...wtf seriously man

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