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USB Terrorism


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I was wondering if it is possible to make a payload that upon execution would hide in a system and silently search for particular files on a PC according to any given criteria (such as name of file) while making sure that the system usage keeps well below 20 or 30% so that the user may not know whats happening and upon retrival would delete those files permanantly.???????????????????????????????????

Any IDEAS??????????????????????

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But... What do you want to delete? I think is not very difficult to script it but. What do delete? Many files are running in the background (as system, and user files) and can't be deleted. If you want to delete some of them (as for example some dll or some anvirus file, you must to kill them (see killing av's in this forum) or you must to do it before the system has been restarted (as done by Unlocker).

If you tell us what you want to delete, it could be possible to program an application to do the job.

Is the job you're thinking a white hat hacking?

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The task at hand is as easy as pie but it's malicious. Such activities are not welcome or encouraged here.

QFE. Thats really above and beyond anything i would want to do... I know that If my docs started disappearing I would be really pissed. I write >15 papers a semester, some of which range from 5-20 pages. This can be accomplished with a simple bat file, but there really is not point... your not "owning" the computer...youre just being a dick.

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