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dvd tool suggestions


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Not sure if this post is 'legal' for the forum and if not (admins/moderators) please delete it. Sorry and thanks in advance.

Ok, I'm looking for an application that will copy my dvds (yes I own these dvds) to my hdd AND allow me to select a target output file size. I would like the output file type to be either Divx or avi and size around 800mb.

I've been googling this for quite a while with no luck and I've tried the dvd decrypter and shrink combo but for some damn reason I can't get them to work together nor find any good tutorials that havn't been taken offline. If there are any apps that can both rip the dvd and compress it, please post them here. Thanks again!

Also - just noticed that I posted this in the "everything else" section. Shit, sorry... beer's taking over.

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For legalities sake we shall say the content on them is yours (ie. created by you) and you want now want to edit them.

Well that deals with the legalities

I know that it's atleast illegal to talk about ripping software in other ways in the USA... I think for mainstream they (the USA Corp) view it as you own the disc but you only rent the content on it - a lifetime rental but a rental non the less

Or so I read somewhere which is why IPTV FTW :) guaranteed

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