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Were making a game....


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Me and some college friends are currently making a game based on the CryEngine2- the same engine from Crysis.

The game is looking great so far, but we really need some people to make some guns, textures, and some maps for us - as were doing as much as we can already!

The game is currently called The Island - a concrete island utopia which the best of humanity have escaped to from World War 3. The story practically goes - you are sent to destroy the island from an unknown source, with a team of sas, but while your there you find out a secret about the war, and you and a friend decide to take out the unknown source. you are also forced to take out your own team ect.

we are hoping for a Free Roam type play, on our concrete island, the ability to go anywhere and in any building you want.

we are also hoping to design a damage model so we can blow up stuff ;)

any help would be greatly apriciated.

thanks :)

-Mark Elmes

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Well try get some sponsors/investors then,

Artwork is a big part of the game before even touching the concepts.

You'll want a professional job done.

You have the underhand in the world where the game market makes more then "Hollywood"

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