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WPA or WEP +Jasager

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After last step of Darrens unlocking guide, the fon started everything and its all working. Then i notice in my "wifi manager" there is "OpenWRT" network which turns out to be my fon. Now...

I guess it has to be there since only way i connect back so is there way secure the SSID and maybe change?

I have searched for this but wasn't lucky i guess to find out how to do it ...

Any help much appreciated!!!!

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hey angryrussian26 there is an option in der to turn on WEP / WPA on the AP its listed under the SSID OpenWrt, however you need to install some sheet, the fonera basically does it for you tho :)

LOL i was looking how to get back into that!!! thanks man!! I figure since we running BusyBox i can just following commands

iwconfig ath0 essid "id name i desire"

iwconfig ath0 key "wep key"

But webif.html made it alot easier thank!! :)

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