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linux iso says invalid system disk??


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hey guys... so I decided to mess around with linux more and put Ubuntu 8.1 as the main OS on my old desktop.

I downloaded the ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso because the desktop is *OLD*

I recently put a newer cd drive on it as master (because it wasn't recognized when in slave or CS) but now when I try to boot the installer iso it says "Invalid System Disk Replace the disk, and then press any key" <_<

could it be an error in the drive? the iso? the bios?

il be doing some tests in a bit but i was just wondering what you guys thought...

any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance ;)

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Well test the disc first,

They provide multiple method of hash comparing.

Ubuntu isn't going to teach you a single drop of knowledge,

Get something designed for a power user.

Of course this is my opinion and doesn't warrant a need for 100s of people to reply.

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Did you burn the iso file to the disk or as the disk?


I've done that a few times.. 8-)

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i burnt the iso as the disk lol

and i compared hashes before i burnt it

but i just put it in my laptop to verify that there was even anything on it in the first place and its blank :blink:

i burnt it with alcohol 120% and it confirmed that the burn was done but there's nothing?? im confused lol

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ummm 2000 i think

but even my Dell Latitude D620 doesn't read the disk

@Sparda: so if it was burnt too fast then i wouldn't find any fragmented files or anything of the sort?

Burnt too fast? No, if it was burn with errors yes. Speed increase increase the likely hood of errors.

Fragmented files what? CD file systems don't allow for file fragmentation.

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