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That was really funny at first, but then i started thinking about how much that shit happens and it became sad and i became angry.

Reformatting a laptop right now and the user is getting NO rights, all the software i want them to have is it. I wanted to be nice and offerer firefox and they said that "they didn't like it, it wasn't secure". I can see that to a point, untrusted addons, but seriously.


The other day my grandmother's modem kicked bricks so the tech guy came out and installed a new one. He reset all the router configs and told her "I dont think i can fix this, you are running Win 98". The computer is brand new running vista without pretty graphics, thats what she is used to so that how we kept it. She called me and asked me to install vista for her because of this dicks uneducated observation. I mean really is this what we are funking doomed to? You dont have aero so you are running an older OS? FUCK THAT AND EVERY THING, now i am raging :/.

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