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Apache+ PHP Dev IDE + Web Browser


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I was thinking of creating this sort of application because I have yet to have seen such as Web browser. It could also include support for other languages through Plugins coded by me or the community. I would probably code most of it in C++ with other langugages thrown in for ease of completing certain tasks.

I really need to think of a name for it. Also I doubt anyone thinks this would be a good idea, because it would need alot of security to be able to act as a test bed, development platform/ framework, and Production environment all wrapped into one. The idea is crazy but I feel like starting this project & I don't care who joins me. So long as they remain positive & optimistic about the project. I would hate to have someone hanging from my back like a lead weight dragging this project idea down.

A though that just came to me is that it could use Adobe AIR for features of web integration.

Other features are in the planning process.


I'm hoping to add a debugger as well into this App.

Some of the features will be reminiscent of Opera and it's developer suite.

Thus the reaon It needs apache daemon attached to it running or running on the side but I plan to just make Apache start running when this browser starts running


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