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What is the best kind of tv?


LCD or Plasma  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

    • LCD TV's
    • Plasma TV's

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I feel LCD tv's are better because they last longer. Plasma tv's tend to fade a little bit over the year(happened to a friends, and have heard of it online) it might be just from abuse i dont know. the picture quality is the same i think

but it's really your choice. Do you want durability or a better picture by almost nothing.

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yeah...a lcd will last longer...

but a plasma is my piece of choice for sure.

i got a panasonic 46 inch plasma tv and this thing rocks!

you've never seen that much precise colors in a tv and with a lcd you will never see ;)

if you want something that doesn't take too much electrical power...and if you want something that lasts two or three years longer, then go and get a lcd.

but if you want the real world in your tv...real colors, accurate timing and just a great picture...then check out a panasonic or pioneer plasma tv.


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i have both plasmas and flat panel lcd's. as far as lcd panels lasting longer well any plasma that you buy today will likely have a least a 60,000 hour rated half life, so after 60,000 hours it would be half as bright as when you first bought it, by the time you go through 60k hours of tv it will be time for a new one anyways, that shit will be obsolete. i prefer plasmas for a couple of reasons, the first being the contrast ratio and color, youll typically get much deeper blacks and your colors wont be washed out looking in bright scenes. also they have a much better viewing angle than even the best lcd panels, i also like the fact that you dont get image smearing during fast action HD content. of course the very high end lcd panels are right on par with plasmas in that area. you can get lcd panels that will rival plasmas in some of these areas but typically youll be spending more money. now lcd's typically run cooler and use less power than plasma but if youre not worried about that then who cares.

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i've heard ot really depends on a number of reasons...for example...your lighting..is it a dedicated theatre room?...then a plasma apparently is the go..but for a busy living room with partial light etc a lcd is the option...ultimate av magazine can help


oh and this...


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also depends on your room and lighting situations. For say a bedroom go LCD, as you get higher detail that you would on a plasma up close. if its in the main room, then a plasma can be a better option on a cheaper budget, life span no longer comes into play, unless you leave the tv running 24/7.

Plasma use more power than LCD, though as mentioned have a better viewing angle (doesn't seem to matter in most cases).

LCD have better quality for up close viewing, and support true HD.

though plasma is a shit load cheaper than a LCD.

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