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Hi to everyone,

I was trying to flash my fonera to used it for my Xbox360 as a wireless network adapter and end it with a BRICK Fonera or DEAD.It does power up but Wlan light doesn't turn ON, I have built this:http://sodoityourself.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/circuitjpg but can make it work.My capacitors are unicap 1uf50v ,maybe they are to cheap for this project.

Fonera 2100 a/b/c JTAG


|GND| . |RXD|TXD| . |

|VCC| . | . | . | . |


+-----+ +--------+ +---+

|Power| |Ethernet| |Ant|

VCC (3.3V) -> red

GND -> black

RX -> gray

TX -> orange



2-RX ( I did swap RX &TX,nothing happened)



5-ground (-)





I have nothing to test the DB9 cable so my solution will be plug direct from the COM1 on the motherboard,I'm going right now to radioshack to purchase this capacitors (part# 272-1434 and 272-1436) to see if I can make this project to work otherwise my son is going to make me by the xbox360 wireless network adapter ($85.00 ouch)

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I have a much easier circuit that works well with the fonera. you will need:

1Kohm Resistors. Cat#: 271-1321. RadioShack sells them in 5 packs for 99 cents, but you only need 4

2.2Kohm Resistors. Cat#: 271-1325. 5 pack, you only need 1.

1n4148 Diode. Cat#: 276-1122. You only need one. they sell a 50 pack for 2 dollars, but i think they sell them in lower quantities.

2n222 NPN Transistor. Cat#: 276-1617. They have a 15 pack, but you only need 2


This is the circuit i'm currently using and it works just fine, and it doesn't cost much. If you're really good with the soldering iron, then you can skip using a pcb like i did, and just solder the parts to each other.

One thing you could also try is get a network switch (not a router!) and plug in only your PC and fon into the switch via ethernet. get the freifunk ap51 flashing tool, put in the firmware of your choice, and hit go. then, plug the power into the fon, and it should start the flashing process.

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