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The strangest thing..


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I just remembered this when I came to read the dailies on the Hak5 forum..

I dreamed last night that my next door neighbor, Matt, Darren, Shannon and someone I don't know all came to my dorm room, danced around in a circle and then waved at me through the window.

I think that I need to see a doctor.......

Post some of your crazy dreams here, if you can remember them!


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Some times I dream that I am a janitor at MIT. I live alone in an impoverished South Boston neighborhood. I am unable to maintain either a steady job or a steady romantic relationship because I subconsciously blames myself for my unhappy upbringing.

The first week school starts I fucking bust in with my mop and solevants kicksing the shit out of some grim. The I walk past this dirty ass chalkboard and Im all like "Thats an easy ass question", and I solve it right in front of this pretensious Professor Lambeau. Then this prick puts up another question and I solve it, but this time he is all like "Stop fucking with my shit, this is science!" and he runs me off, but not before I solve it. Then he is all trying to track me down while im out busting my balls to make a living.

I find this kid and beat him up because Im bad ass and then i kncok this 5oh out. Im about to go to jail and get some street creed when Prof. Ass Sword shows up and tells them im this genius and that i can cure cancer. This was all a trap to make me see some shirnk, I dont need a shrink, Im Matt Daemon for christ sakes!!! Nevertheless i think this guy has some pretty good loot so i go with him with the intention of raiding his loot and taking his daughter off the skank island.

After like 9000 of these shirnks come and talk to me i finally decide to put up with this one, Sean Maguire. I tell him i was beat as a child and that I have "self-loathing" issues, its all bullshit i just want some sweet hoochie-choochie. He tells me about his bar whore wife, he gave up a fucking red-sox ticket to meet her, what a dumb ass. So I had been on a kinda dry spell for a while and wanted to get back in the game. I wanted to get close to this guy, that way later i could raid his loot too and have double loot. I remembered this drunk bitch from one of the bars i go to, i think her name is Skylar. Skylar was crazy, like you know Girls gone wild? Well if you took all those girls and they all did it and had babies and those babies did it then you would have this chick. She could do things with her tounge that would put that guy from KISS to shame. BTW seans wife is teh deads, I asked him how long until she respwns and he bawled.

Its all kind of a blur after that, me and Skylar went to this crazy kegger and got tottally tanked. Im pretty sure i knocked her up, but being the genius i am i improvised an auto-abortionator and now im safe. The last thing i remember is driving to Bel-air. I pulled up to this house around 7-8 and i yelled at Skylar "YO HOE SEE YOU LATER".

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