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Wireless and Aspire One


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Are you running Ubuntu or something? I'm running Ubuntu at the moment on mine and sometimes it doesn't activate the networking when resuming from sleep, so I have to manually do it.

Also are you playing with the switch on the front of the case, that turns the wireless on or off, I've found it at little dodgy at times, but I think that may be because I have mine in pieces to upgrade the RAM. Thats another question, have you taken it apart? If so did you put everything back properly.

Other than that, run some diagnostics to see if the hardware is detected at all or not. Not is a bad sign.

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the wifi on my acer one died as well...

just replaced it.

call acer up and they wanted me to send the unit in....

talked the guy out of it and then he said he was goiong to ship the part out........

he shiped the os install disk but no wifi card.

im wondering if there is an issue w/ the wifi cards in the acer one.

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nope running windows XP on it some times when you boot it up its not in device manager other times it is. I flashed the BIOS reinstalled XP downloaded the drivers for it and to no luck still goes and comes. I will give them a call and see if they cand just send me a new card dont want to lose my netbook for 2 weeks hehe.


ehh just bought a 4965AGN off buy.com to replace it.

thanks for the help guys

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