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Post your Super Mario World custom levels

Darren Kitchen

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Sorry I should have linked Lunar Magic. You can get the program at http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lm/index.html

You can get "Super Mario World.smc" from Google if you don't already have it. This is in reference to episode 413 which at time of writing has not aired -- I just wanted this thread to have been started before it does. :)

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If you guys want a REAL CHALANGE go to http://www.smwcentral.net/ This website is dedicated to smw hacks and mods. On SMW CENTRAL you can go to Featured Hacks and click on Brutal Mario. Download this and it will be in a IPS patch format. You will need a program to apply this patch to a clean version of SMW. This tool is located under tools and its called Lunar IPS. Download this and run the app and tell it where your patch is located and then tell it where your CLEAN rom is. Then it will be patched! You can now play the hardest version of SMW EVER and it has custom bosses from other games like megaman, kirby, and final fantasy. This tool is also useful for trading smw hacks without any law enforcement problems. This is why when you download a hack it is in IPS form because if its not its ILLEGAL! You can also find other apps and goodies for your future smw hacks like apps to create custom music! Also I will be doing a special T00L 0F THE WEEK under my PSP HACKS section of the HACKS AND MODS section of the fourms about emulators for snes on PSP! So check that out and I hope this post helps someone who wants to add a little somthing to thier SMW HACK! And if your brave enough check out BRUTAL MARIO. You can watch youtube videos of people playing this hack too.

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Have you guys ever heard of the Let's Play community? They're basically a bunch of guys on video network sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. that make video commentaries as they play video games.

It all started at Something Awful (here's a collection of their LPs) and it eventually expanded to the smaller denizens of the Internet who didn't feel like paying to join that forum, so they started a free forum of their own called...well...the Let's Play Forum.

I'm a member of that forum and an LPer myself. If anyone would like to send me their hacks, I'll gladly play them.

By the way, Xakep: Brutal Mario may be hard, but I've seen harder hacks. The most famous hack among the LP community is Kaizo Mario World.

of how cruel some rom hackers can be. Click here if you want to experience the pain yourself. :)
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