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Downgrading the Fonera+

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Still not sure why you want to downgrade the firmware. Redboot is available by default on the Fon+ so just plug your wired port directly into the fon, set your ip to and bring it up. Run redboot.pl, watch for the failure messages to start then power on the Fon+.

Having the two plugged together should create a link between the two so the interface should stay up.

I use a cheap usb network card to do my flashes, that way my machine stays on the wired network and I can plug the devices in and play with them without losing any connections.

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Don't know what the original firmware version was as I flashed it almost as soon as I got it.

Seeing as we are both in the same city we could meet up and look at it together. No promises of a fix but I know that my hardware works and connects to my device, it may work with yours.

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