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Blockbuster/netflix question


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Okay so let me put this in the most ethical way possible...

Say I "lost" a dvd that I had.

Then I signed up for either blockbuster or netflix's movie rental programs.

I rented the dvd that I "lost" and "back it up" to my home computer.

Then I wanted to watch it on my dvd player so I burnt it to a disc.

This would work and they wouldn't be able to figure out at all unless someone told them right?

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See THIS thread for what i do, but as long as you dont get caught selling it then its high unprobable that they will find you. I dont know enough about the Blu-Ray but from what Ive heard it calls home if autorun isnt turned off, so if two people pop the disk in at the same time they may be able to track you, but that is only my paranoia.

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Why would you announce that you are copying anything?? Common sense would have told you just do it, be done with it, and move on. "Oh hey, I am copying all your netflix - all your netflix are belong to us!"

There is no way to track you copying them. That is unless you go around telling everyone, or torrent them with the description "I copied this from Netflix, here is my account #"


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