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Need IM client suggestion

Darren Kitchen

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So my AIM client finally kicked the bucket. I know it's crazy but I've been using AIM 4.8.2616 for years and love it because it's light, simple, and only uses 4.5 MB RAM.

But now it's too old to speak to dot mac accounts so I need a new client. I've been trying out Gaim 2.0 beta 3 and I'm really unhappy with how kludgy it is.

I don't want to go with Trillian and unless Maranda IM had changed in the last year thats not really an option either.

So what do you like?

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Centericq is by far my favorite client. It supports just about everything (MSN, AIM, IRC etc) and it is really stable on *nix platforms. I think there is even a Win 32 binary around now, it is command line based so there's no images etc.

But if you're a bit of a command line warrior then it's worth a look.



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Did you check Oldversions.com, see if there was an old copy of AIM that might work? Or is it something that AOL did on their end to make AIM not work anymore.

/me slaps forehead and points to the original post. I had been using Aim 4.8 from oldversion but it doesn't support the latest protocol (why I can't see anyone with a dot mac address) and the new version is bloatware.

Ok ok, I'm going with Trillian. Hell if it's not bloated I might even pay for it.

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Sorry for the double post but I finally did the right thing and JFGI. Wikipedia led me to this, and though I haven't installed it yet, just based on the screenshots and filesize, I AM IN LOVE!


zomg sexy

/me just noticed that his IRC addiction is starting to affect his online vocabulary.

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yep. tabed.

ooh, and it's got this mode where you can chat with multiple people in one window by addressing your messages to them IRC style. it's got tab completion too. Not sure if I'd use this but its interesting.

two quirks: 1, the author will show up in your buddy list. I deleted him. 2, your profile will pimp the program. Uncheck this in preferences.

Other coolest feature: It doesnt have an installer. just click and go. this is going on my thumbdrive for sure.

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I wouldn't called unwanted default behaviour that you can turn off a quirk.

If you _couldn't_ turn it off it would be though.

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You know aol.com is a dangerus domain to visit don't you? They might try to sell you a crap internet connection, or some adware that they like to call a web browser.

HA! Love it!

Thanks for finding this! I pretty much gave up on AIM since it has such a stupid interface. I'd have like 134625626 windows open at once, and all of em would be flashing orange. It would annoy me beyond end. DLing miniaim right now. :D

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