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Window Recovery Partition


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I am working on a project and it would be awesome if someone with a factory windows install and a recovery partition would do the follow for me.

1. Manufacturer/Model of the computer

2. Version of Widows installed, i.ei Vista, Windows XP Home, Window XP Pro, ect.

3. What drive letter the recovery partition is

4. Make a list of all directories and files.

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I used to have a recovery partition on my pc until i completely formatted it, whenever you get a factory set computer the drive letter is usually D:\ (don't quote me on this though, could be different for other computers), but i had XP Home, and it won't allow you to view what is in the partion or directories at all <_< , I have tried many times to see what is in it. The make and Model is a Compaq Persario +3400 AMD Atholon XP +2400, srry if it didn't answer your question.

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I have access to a shed load of different Dells fresh from the factory. For the most part the recovery partition is a hidden partition which contains a WIM image of Vista install + applications and a scripted copy of WinPE2 with imagex to deploy it. On some Dell's this shows up as D: but mostly you cannot access it from Windows. These are T3400's, Optiplex 755s, D630's, D430's and E6400/E6500's.

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