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I don't game very much at all. But recently I've taking a Music Tech class, and during the giant gap between projects I started playing Minesweeper.

All I've done for an hour every day for the past two weeks is play Minesweeper.

Screw graphics and shooting and shit. Minesweeper is the most addicting game I've ever played. The only reason I'm running Wine right now is to play it.

Anyway, I just started this thread to gauge community sediment on this work of genius. Should video game companies just give up, knowing that they can never compete?

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i just cheat

Minimize all windows that could prevent you from looking on the top left corner of your screen and open Minesweeper. Type the code « xyzzy », then hit at the same type ENTER key and Shift key. Look at the top left corner: each time your mouse is over a mine, a very small black pixel appears (except on the very first square). When there is no mine, the pixel is white.

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