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Must have windows apps

still learning

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What are some must have windows apps? I am trying to build the perfect windows install then going to back it up with norton ghost, so i dont have to reinstall everything , everytime i format.

so far i have :

firefox, tweaked out , good plugins


toosies? side bar (i am still looking for a sidebar that works with xp and uses vista gadgets)

comodo firewall

AVG antivirus

spybot and adaware

process explorer


hexeditor, php, dev-c++, notepad++, dreamweaver. macromedia flash, photoshop

superscan, nmap, intellitamper, brutus, accessdiver, proxy finder enterprise, metasploit, ophcrack, true crypt, charon




wise registry cleaner

cc cleaner

free ram xp

any good windows tweaks to speed up the pc? what other must have programs would you recommend? does anyone know of a side bar that works with xp but can use vista gadgets? also how do i pimp my command prompt out, i know the code (prompt $p$g, ect..) but how do I get it to load the new prompt i create everytime i goto cmd?

i tried to change the autoexec.bat file to

@echo off

prompt $p$g$T$whatever but it did not show the new prompt change when i goto cmd.. any ideas?


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great suggestions, i forgot about some of those.. why would running 1 firewall and 1 virus scanner be overkill?

also Vako, thanks i checked out the link but that was gear to make the DOS prompt look like a Linux prompt, i just want to edit how the DOS prompt looks per say if in cmd i enter "prompt $T$B$p$g" then hit enter the prompt will look something like "12:04PM | C:\>" with the time added in front, i would just run linux if i wanted a linux prompt =)

in older versions of windows i would put the prompt command change in autoexec.bat file and it would automatically boot so the prompt would always look how i wanted it too, but with XP it does not seem to be working.. any ideas?

Vector, yeah i have VMware workstation installed forgot to mention that one.. defintely a must have

thanks everybody! and lol @ winhound.. I typed winhound and into google and the first 3 pages were full of nothing but "How to remove winhound malware, how to remove winhound virus" ect.. lol

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