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EXPERT Malware Guide !


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Most my scripts are for XP only !!!

my quick notes on malware removal

* in normal mode run this cleaner http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/quickclean.exe ( temp/password/cache file cleaner that supports multi users )

* boot safe mode with networking support

* do a fast scan http://www.pandasecurity.com/homeusers/solutions/activescan/

* if it finds anything buy an account and scan again and clean

* do a fast scan to make sure it does not find anything. ( if it finds items after a second scan and clean you need help from a pro )

* do a full scan and clean if you want to run a fast check again to make sure nothing is still running before you boot normal do it.

* boot normal mode and look in process explore for any badies ...

more advanced stuff:

* http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/quick_reportNkill.exe ( reports all dlls and task then kills all task from the user that run it FROM system basicly to quicky find malware I run this and anytihng left over is a service or malware )

* open and run http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/procexp%20as%20system.exe ( it runs process explore as system ! AKA you can kill any task :P )

* search process explore for any unknown exe's and kill the handle .. if you cant kill the handle then kill the task..

* if you get the "windows is shutting down" countdown type in command prompt 'shutdown -a' it will abort the shutdown and you can continue the search ..

* for root kits I use sdfix just google and follow the directions...

* check system32 folder order by DATE and look for any NEW files "EXE and DLL especially" and move them to a backup folder ( just in case windows will not boot ) basicly if its malware you will see like 10 files all dll and exe types maybe some other extention so you just grab them all..

* LUA !!! ( more info here http://rmccurdy.com/email.html )

* always check and backup the sevices key and run keys for badies !

any questions you have just reply to the thred I can help anybody just dont @#^T%ing reinstall .. you just going to get owned again.

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