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Used Universal Customizer - now 8GB drive is


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Hey guys I'm new to this.

But I bought a sandisk cruzer micro memory stick - an 8GB one to try and customise it with a 4.3GB DVD iso image so I could use it as a USB CD-rom.

It did not work, so I un-installed it and got the software from Sandisk to remove the software and now it only comes up as 3.8GB!

There must be someway of fixing this, someone please help me!


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This is what I had to do when this happened

Uninstall the partition with the Sandisk utility

Bootup Gparted

Format the partitions

And then it was back to normal. You may have to try to install a new, smaller iso and remove that too.. Its not screwed up.

could you please give me the link to the sandisk utility?

and a link to the smaller iso. i can get this myself but i want to make sure i get the correct software.

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I would if i could mate, but since then I have reformatted my drive. However, fill out this forum and clic sumbit to get the tool to uninstall. LINK

An ISO can be made with the universial customizer, just place a TXT file in there and use that.

Remember you will need Gparted

Dude thanks SOOOO much!!! Saved me 10 mins of digging around!!!!!!!

Just uninstalled it and now its back to 7.48 GB!

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