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I doser


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There is a program going around college at the moment called i-doser and i was wondering what you think of something that stimulates similar effects as drugs and alcohol? Moral crisis due to high frequency noise? And it works because i tried the viagra one.... Rofl

Just so you know it also does things that relax or something

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doesn't work.

complete scam if anyone actually pays for it

saying it doesn't work for everyone is a legal thing.

it is like selling a device that is suppose to heat your home and you state "may not work for everyone"

then when they buy the item, they get a crappy device that gets slightly warm to the touch and doesn't do much else

well they cant sue you for scamming as you stated, may not work for everyone

and all you need is a return policy that only takes returns or replacements if the item fails to heat up at all

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Fuck.. I tried the toilet one..

These pants just wont be cleaned.. It's not possible.

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Even Cool Edit used to be able to do this stuff, it's an interesting idea and it creates interesting audio effects, but does it work? Who knows. I've yet to see conclusive proof that it does, and while it's possible that it can have some sort of effect (regardless of whether that effect matches the intended effect) I remain skeptical.

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