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Rainbow tables

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ok I have been playing with ophcrack, and made several user accounts on my machine to crack, one which the PW is very easy 6 digits numbers/letters combo, one that is 9 digits same number/combo and one 10 digit which contains symbols/numbers/letters.. it will not find the PW for the symbol/number/letter combo PW.. why is this?

Does rainbow tables or ophcrack not crack *@#&.$^ symbols in PW's? I heard it can not crack PW's over 14 digitss eaither..

I seen Hak5 released a 120GB rainbow table which i would love to download but dont have the space on my drive for it.. can anyone help me out with the questions above, or help me out with a link of a good 10 to 30GB rainbow table?

I also seemed to have problems adding rainbow tables to ophcrack, it will only let me edit a current table to switch it to the newer rainbow table i found a 1 GB table i have been useing along with the ones ophcrack comes with. Ive tried installing it and the live cd both


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The free ophcrack tables only support alpha-numeric passwords. If you want to crack passwords with any system32 characters, you'll either have to buy those tables or get them off the Pirate Bay. ophcrack only supports tables made by objectif security.

If you want better Rainbow Table software than ophcrack, try http://www.freerainbowtables.com/. They have free tables for most hash encryptions, and with many sizes. The original project can be found at http://www.antsight.com/zsl/rainbowcrack/.

Unfortunately, there are no seeders for the Hak5 tables, so there is currently no way to get them.

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