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Chrono trigger


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most of you should be familiar with this game but for those who arent

chrono trigger is one of the greatest collaborations in gaming history.

it was a collab of yuji horii(creator of dragon quest) and hironobu sakaguchi(behind final fantasy).

art by akira toriyama(artist for dragon quest and dragon ball derivatives.)

music by yasunori mitsuda(xenogears soundtrack) and nobuo uematsu(final fantasy)

its one of the greatest turn based rpg's out there. it was originally released on the super nintendo. well its being remade on the DS. it will have slightly altered gameplay for touchscreen but you can switch and use the original control scheme. it will also have places and levels that they weren't able to include in the original due to the size of snes carts and the time frame. which now brings the total possible endings in the game to 13 i believe.

thank you nintendo power lol

comes out nov 24 08.

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YAY~~!! A ds version of chrono trigger will rock.

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the only time i played chrono trigger was when it was on a ps1 disc with a final fantasy game. i cant remember the name of the disc right now. but i fell in love with the game.

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