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Estimated Time Rainbow Tables


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My friend had brought up a question & I am wondering myself.

Since one of my passwords is 25 chars long [uses strong pass], we were wondering how long it would take a rainbow table to crack.


I wanted to find a formula to find out how long it would take,

including HDD read/write, RAM, CPU Speed, specific letters/numbers/symbols used, etc.


I think that is way too much to ask for, so based off the average PC.

A formula to calculate; including lenght, numbers/letters/symbols used


Does anyone know where I could find such a formula.

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ok you need to back up a little. first of all you dont actually crack any hashes with a rainbow table or .rt. rainbow tables are used by certain cracking programs like rainbowcrack and others to crack hashed passwords. also yuo have to make sure the .rt youre using matches they type of hash youre trying to crack, for example, the character set, the length of the password, the case (uppercase/lowercase or both) hash types MD5, NTLM, and the list goes on. without getting all technical, i suggest you read about hash functions, cryptographic hash function, and shit like that to better understand how a cracking a password hash actually works.

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