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adobe says i need 5000kb!!! WTF!?


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im tryin to install the adobe flash player and after i dl it i click it to install and it will load the thing like halfway and comes up with an error saying i need 5000kb in my disk space and ive checked there support center but they only help with internet explorer not firefox and google is no help

what do i do?

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Maybe is a FF bug?? What happens if you try an older version of flash. Then you can try the automatic updates.

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developers always try to cover up their bugs by trying to put a positive spin or find ways to draw attention away from it

like if you look at new ice cream containers, they contain half as much ice cream as they did 4 years ago, and cost twice as much

so they try to hide this fact by adding a false bottom to the ice cream container, and tapering the container to keep the height while reducing the amount of ice cream inside.

well in adobe language, 5000kb is really 500 petabytes of storage needed, so get upgrading :)

PS try using the flash uninstaller, then install flash player again , that may fix the problem


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