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VB.NET (2008) Keyboard Hooks: Is it possible?


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I'm currently updating my VB5 and VB6 Bespoke Application Library to VB.NET 2008 (.NET Framework 3.5) and I've come across a problem. One of my programs originally coded in VB6 used a keyboard hook to help amongst other things, disable the Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Ctrl + Shift + Esc and Alt + F4 commands.

They were used in various capacities to restrict user interruption whilst performing critical functions in a network rollover program such as ad-hoc updates, policy changes and server-wide lockdowns. (a key feature of the security program I was writing)

Whilst updating I found that the keyboard hooks no longer worked and threw back all kinds of Type Mismatches and Compile Errors. After reading through a few websites including Microsoft MSDN Technical Help I've struck a loss at how to solve the problem.

Are Keyboard Hooks no longer supported on XP SP2 and SP3 / Windows Vista (Tried the compile on all three platforms, same problems.)

As of now I can make it so that when Ctrl+Alt+Del is pressed, it shows the correct form and the program runs fine but it doesn't disable the C+A+D function and still brings up either the Task Manager or the Control Screen (Platform Dependent) with the program still running in the background.

Is there anyway to solve it without decompiling the kernal and brute forcing a patch?

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