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unatented mass uninstaller ?


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on a hak5 eps there was talk about an uninstaller app but not sure what it wtas called OR if it can do what I want. I know MOST add/remove keys have a uninstall string ( I plan to hijack this key and use it for a mass uninstaller )

* do they have such an app that will help me quickly uninstall apps from add/remove

* I would like is to be unatended

* I would like it to be able to just checkbox the shit I dont want and it do them all

some ideas I have for such an app:

* something that can click buttons and get button names in an active window detect windows it is on and make simi intelligent decisions on what button to click ( always click YES unless window text contanins "do you want to keep" etc ... ) ( click no on restart )

* it would try /quite /uninstall /norestart and all the main switches from the uninstaller key to see if it would perform a auto uninstall

* have a list of malware and crap bundle ware to AUTO uninstall ( known crapware and stuff like that )

* come code bits

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well theres a cool program called revouninstaller which is really good compared to the windows built in one... and there is another program called pcdecrapifier that is good for stripping clean a brand new computer of all that preinstalled crap... but as far as what your asking i dont think it totally exists.

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Sweet ill check them out so far I have a vbs script for MSI and all the control/text scipt for autohotkey


the idea is I want to feed it a huge list of crap to uninstall and come back and it all be gone !

check out http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/

i wouldnt mind actually developing a tool to do this although i dont really have time to work on it. I think a script/program in autoIT or python would work great.

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this is actually a great idea. What my imagination has come up with is something like tick boxes with a list of installed 3rd party software and you just say remove...


List Installed Programs (VBS Script, about half away down.)

Inventory Installed Software From Add/Remove Programs Registry Information(Another VBS script for finding installed software.)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT is the hive that contains information about software and the way software is configured.

The exact key used to create a list of installed software in the Add or Remove Programs window: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

VIA Wikianswers


I dont know if this information is in the REG KEY, but if it points the the uninstaller then your proggy can just run the uninstallers and use autohokey to click next>next>next>ect...

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Ya I never worked with autoIT but autohotkey I used before and I already have base code so far. now I just have to bull all the buttins into a array and have it click a bunch of buttons based on name and have if then statements before the click..


* dont goto next less msiexec.exe is not running

* run the list 5 times or so ..

* at the end display all installed apps

* clean up old users

* killall anything in the uninstall list !!

* killall ie and firefox

* suggest download my quickclean.exe

if then :

check for IE and firefox and kill them all the time !

if button custom then click it

if button "select all" then click it

if button remove click it

if text reboot in ALL control code then button click NO and button click "later"

if text button yes click it ( as long as reboot is not anywhere in the control code ! )

if msi still running dont goto next msi ...

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