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a lyrical pandora


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i love the pandora service. i love listening to music and new music. but my problem with pandora is it doesnt take the actual lyrics into account. which is great because if it did then you couldnt make a station for a single genre or sound. but sometimes you want to hear an angry song which could be rap or it could be heavy metal or it could be alternative rock. which is why pandora cant do stuff like that. if it tried to base off of lyrics then it would have multiple sounds and genres in it and the more closed minded would despise the service.

i love pandora and ill continue to use it. but i need something that can suggest songs based on their lyrics. im in the mood to listen to some good lovesongs but pandora cant provide that type of service. does anyone know anything like pandora that makes suggestions based on the lyrical composition as opposed to the musical composition?

and to the people who still think its cool to post links to google to answer questions like this. google sux for finding songs because it finds them mostly based on popular opinion such as top 100 things and the like. that is crap and not useful in any way.

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