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Jasager, Karma and airbase-ng: what if you have no internet to share?

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I found the show through Revision3 and I'm loving it. I'm interested in Jasager and have been reading up on it. I'm not in the possesion of a FON yet, so in anticipation I started working with Karmasploit, and then airbase-ng. There's a thread on this forum about how airbase-ng can be used to basically do the same stuff as Jasager, which was really helpful.

I have a question though: is there anything you can do when you can't share internet? My PC finds my airbase-ng generated AP frpm my laptop and tries to connect, but disconnects because it thinks it's down. I haven't set up my laptop to have a dhcp server running to share my network.

I was wondering if there's still a possibility to set up a basic connection, so I can do a portscan with nmap on the connecting client?

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karma was the original of all this. It is basically a patch for the madwifi drivers to let them respond to any ssids and a ruby framework that incorporates a number of servers/services to provide different things as mentioned above.

Dino Dai Zovi wrote the original karma and patched madwifi, I then took over and patched madwifi-ng, added some extra functionality and fixed some bugs.

I haven't released a full version of it for a while, just the odd patch here and there, if you are interested I can probably put together a tarball of a working version.

HDM took quite a bit of karma into Metasploit and created Karmatasploit from it, I keep saying I'll give it a proper look over and have a play with it but haven't had time.

Something to watch out for, karma is included on BT3 but doesn't work, I've created a working version for BT but it is probably easier if you want to get it working to just install it on your working linux setup.

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Cheers, thanks for clarifying this for me. I've taken a look at your site and see that you have released karma specifically for the Eee, so I'm going to play around with that when time permits. No need to make a tarball of the newest version just for me -- I'll be keeping an eye on the project and pick up any new versions when they appear.

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Would it be possible to run the whole karma framework from a fon? And if so can you point me in the direction of the framework.

I commute 1.5-2.5hrs each way to school on a moving target rich environment }: ) people call them trains i think. I don't have internet to offer for the "clients" so I'm really interested in doing this entirely on the fon. Plus my laptop can't stay on that long.

: (


nm found it : )

It's a package in the openwrt repo I think.


the package is not the framework : (

found a link to your tarball though.


karma framework on the fon is fail :_(

Not enough ram it seems.

root@OpenWrt:/karma# bin/karma etc/karma.xml               
Starting KARMA...
Loading config file etc/karma.xml
 ACCESS-POINT is running
AccessPoint: Card in AP mode
sh: /usr/local/bin/wlanconfig: not found
AccessPoint: IP address
AccessPoint: Blacklist Mode
/karma/modules/servers/AccessPoint/accesspoint.rb:105:in `popen': Cannot allocate memory - /usr/sbin/iwevent 2>&1 (Errno::ENOMEM)
    from /karma/modules/servers/AccessPoint/accesspoint.rb:105:in `run'
    from /karma/modules/servers/AccessPoint/accesspoint.rb:103:in `initialize'
    from /karma/modules/servers/AccessPoint/accesspoint.rb:103:in `new'
    from /karma/modules/servers/AccessPoint/accesspoint.rb:103:in `run'
    from ./bin/../modules/loader.rb:176:in `run'
    from ./bin/../modules/loader.rb:175:in `initialize'
    from ./bin/../modules/loader.rb:175:in `new'
    from ./bin/../modules/loader.rb:175:in `run'
    from bin/karma:49
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rexml/element.rb:891:in `each'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rexml/xpath.rb:53:in `each'
    from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rexml/element.rb:891:in `each'
    from bin/karma:46

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Basic answer, it won't work without quite a few changes, some dependencies are missing and some are just too heavy to install on a Fon.

Advanced answer, you will be able to create something that has the same, or very similar functionality using the original as a base.

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Advanced answer, you will be able to create something that has the same, or very similar functionality using the original as a base.

That is my intention now. I've created a github repo, which currently just has the base tarball from you at the moment.

If anyone wants to check it out at any point the link is http://github.com/haxwithaxe/Karma4Fon/tree/master

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