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Hi Guys, I've got a really really old hi-fi that is on its last legs, see as I have ripped all the albums I own to MP3 and are stored on an external hard drive.

I've been wondering what would be involved to have some sort of cool music centre using an old tablet pc hooked up to some speakers? The problems I can see straight away is what kind of quality sound card is the tablet going to have?

What options do I have here?

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Well, you could use a usb sound card. I have seen them in the tigerdirect catalog, but havnt looked online. I expect you could buy a decent one for less that $40.

You might also want a front-end, like frodo, for a cool looking interface.

Have fun!!!

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Well I would probably not suggest running a music server on a tablet pc at all. If I had one laying about I would most likely try to use it to control one though. Something as simple as terminal services or other remote admin type thing. I have also heard that some music players have software that can be used to control them over a network but I have no experiance with those yet. I have played with the idea of using an old Pocket PC as a media remote from time to time.

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Creative did a PCMCIA version of their Audigy 2ZS so that would have some pretty good sound quality.

I would agree on that while a tablet pc in that sort of area would be fairly nice there are better things that you could do with it. Like using it as the terminal for a media center setup. So connect wirelessly and then you can control all your media from the tablet and have it output on your TV or your speaker system.

I have always toyed with the idea of either modding an old hi-fi system or scratch building a system to look like a hi-fi which would be my meda server. Never have got round to it, but still like the idea.

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What about USB soundcard/Speaker... I've never used one though myself but maybe you'd get better sound quality out of it.

Mount it in a picture fram and use a picture screen saver for when it's not inuse.

Man I need to remote up an entire house lol

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I've been giving this some more though and I'm not sure what's the best idea so someone just needs to be straight up and tell me :lol:

I want a tablet PC to sit on the wall downstairs from this I wanna be able to have a huge playlist that will dump out the sound to a hifi of some sort (Im guessing I need something wifi as the hifi could be several meters away (I remember apple having a product for iPOD that did this, was in an episode)

This leads to my next question, where are all my albums going to be stored? People are telling me to use a media server - well ok - but what is a media server (dull question) :roll:

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A Media server is going to be anything that stores your media and allows other machines/users to access it. So even a computer just having all the music on it and sharing it could be classed as a media server.

I wouldn't recommend you go with transmitting the music of FM from the player to the hifi as you will lose a lot of quality. There are boxes available to buy that work with wifi and simply stream the music to them and they play it. You have the controling software on the tablet which you can then click what you want to play. You'll want something like this:


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personaly all my music runs out my main pc to my mixing console then out to my super-audio hifi setup/studio monitors.

all you need is a standard sound card most folk want notic the difrance untill

A: all your music is riped at high sample rates and is not compressed to formats like mpeg layer 3.

B: you have a high quility hifi, a AC97 sound card will do most peoples needs in this situation

So what you have would be vnc on the tablet in to the main streaming pc.

The other PC stream out to your hifi amp, most have an aux input with RCA's.

Jobs a good'un

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