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Dual processor linux?


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So I've come across a dual 500mhz P3 set & mobo (Intel 686238-005) with 1GB of RAM. Any ideas for a linux system to run on it? I was thinking about a firewall/router idea based on monowall or smoothwall, and some kinda traffic managment system. But would it be almost a waste of a dual processor system, or is it just to damn old to do much with?

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I'd say mailserver, database server, LDAP server and even fileserver. Dual P3 500 should be quite nifty to get Software RAID going on aswell...

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For a firewall I think it would be too much, espcially as I know that Monowall isn't dual processor enabled by default, and its the easiest thing to turn back on.

I would say follow one of the "Perfect Setups" at www.howtoforge.com for which ever distro you fancy using, they have just added one for Ubuntu 6.06. Make sure you install the ISPConfig, and then you will have a nice graphic way of looking after your Web/Mail/FTP accounts. With 1GB of RAM and dual processors it shouldn't have much trouble doing anything as long as its not being pounded constantly.

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