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Emailing sensitive data?? SSL? is it poop


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a quick n00b question.

Is SSL email as easy to break as SSL web traffic is? It's just that my company deals with sensitive client information and they're talking about sending that sort of info via email if we start ussing SSL certified email or whatever. I was under the impressions it's still very insecure, even with SSL. Thoughts ?

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If it is set up how I imagine it would be setup. Which is that the clients would connect to the server over SSL, and so any mail sent from a user of that server to another user of that server never leaves that server. Then yes, it is secure, it prevents passive listening of email traffic.

If a user of this server sends mail to another user on a different server that refuses SSL connections, suddenly all is lost.

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From what I remember, SSL certificates (In an Outlook environment, which I think you are talking about) do not encrypt the email at all? They merely provide authenticity of the sender.

I could be wrong.

EDIT: HUMMMMM I think I am talking about something else :lol: as I just for a option in Outlook to encrypt email :P

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