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The world cup


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The dutch just won the World Cup Under 21. :D :D

And as much as I would like to see it, I *HIGHLY* doubt the 'adult' team will be able to do as well. In their 'friendly' match against Australia 3 guys were injured to the point where they were unable to keep on playing. That's the problem with the Dutch team right now. They have some decent players (emphasis on the word 'some'), but they're all fragile as fuck. I just hope we get to play (and of course beat) the germans. I still vividly recall them making fun of the dutch when they didn't make it to the World Cup a couple years back ('Wir wollen Sie gern sagen was den Hollandische mannschaft gestern gemacht haben, aber Ihr sind nicht dabei. WHAHAHAHAHA'. It gets very old very fast after hearing it on the radio every 15 minutes).

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If that's the name you use, you're living in one of 4 nations around the world that don't use the word 'football' to name this sport.

But yeah, that's the game we're talking about.

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world cup? whats this

:shock: hope your joking lol

Yeah come one England! After the 6-0 win the other day I'm feeling really confident (Yeah it was only Jamaca but still) :)

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France were the better team but both teams were the worst in this world cup for diving , cheating and conning the referee. Argentina were by far the best team.

Haha, maybe so. Too bad I was unable to watch the game today (sister's house has no working tv nor radio) so I'll have to settle with the highlights later this evening.

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The game overall sucked. Towards the end France got better because the Italians had trouble just walking the field, let alone run across it. Italy had the better chances, and actually made a _real_ goal. France just suckered the ref into giving away a penalty.

Zinadine Zidane let his personal frustrations get the better of him, did something really STUPID and got sent off. Nice way to end his carreer.

The most fun part is that a number of the Italian teams that supplied their players will get kicked down from the A series to the C series in the Italian football competition for corruption. I guess this was their last shot at glory. :)

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It was a dark dark day for football. Diving, pinching, cursing and general 'sledging' won the world cup. This has been the diving world cup. Ive got no love for the french, but the football they play is how football should be played.

French vs Italians. French = the side of the light. Italians = the dark side. The darkside won. Shocking.

This is bad. This is like luke skywalker failing to blow up the deathstar.... this is hans solo being shattered in pieces when the carbonite he was frozen in happened to be dropped by some carless removal men. Let us bow our heads in shame.


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