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A lil help?


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so like whenever i try to run a file it says

sh: /home/luis/untitled1: Permission denied

im running ubuntu and yah i cant run any code i put in

any help? searched google and didnt find anything but im not exactly sure what im supposed to search

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im just tryin to run some stupid text adventure thingy and i know it works ive used it b4 and i havnt made any changes but theres something wrong with i assume my administrative abilities and ive tried fiddling around with them but idk im lost im new to linux lol ive done a lot with it today but ive only had it for a like 5 hours and im lost as to what to do

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Despite your lack of cooperation I'm going to assume it's either a file permissions issue or a incorrect command issue. So don't start crying when these don't fix your problem.

The file you are trying to run must be 'marked' as executable. This can be done by chmod +x <file name>.

If you are typing the file name as the command to execute this is likely wrong, you (usually) need to prefix it with ./. making the command you need to run ./<filename>. This is only the case if you are currently in the programs working directory, other wise it can be excluded.

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