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Yard Sale uselessness


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ok so last weekend I decided to go Yard-sailing (btw: do people who live in citys have yard sales?) and i ended up getting a total of 3 computer moniters, 2 mice and 2 keyboards for $11. When i see a deal like that, i cant help but take it. The problem is that i dont even own a desktop, i went yard-sailing again this weekend for a CPU with no luck. But now i want to do something kewl with all this stuff... someone here has a great idea for it, is that person you :?:

P.S- ive already blown up enough stuff today, something constructive! :D

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You could just alter your setup to multi-monitor. All you really need is a second graphics card. since that probably has to be a PCI one, you've already walked into the cheap and more low-end devices. If anything, these things should be cheaper and more liable to be available at a yard sale.

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Boot sales ftw!!

WTF? You buy other people's boots? :shock:

If your serious then I feel I should enlighten you. "Boot" is the British English term commonly used to describe the rear luggage compartment of a vehicle. It's the equivalent of the word "trunk", well actually I think trunk is both a British and American English word just it's not used much outside the US?

Anyway a boot sale is where everyone turns up somewhere(often a vacant parking lot) and sells old junk out of their boot, these "meetings" can vary greatly in size, formality and the type of goods/crap on sale. But yeah they are a goldmine for alot of hitech equipment as the sellers often don't have a clue what they're selling.

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I got to yard sales and fleamarkets every weekend. I usually pick up a good computer (500 MHz) with a monitor for about $15. My best find was a few weeks ago when I bought 5 comps (Pentium 1, 2, AMD-KMS) for $4 a pop. I'm thinking a multi-node linux setup, or computers for seeding torrents. Not bad eigther way. Maybe a game server.

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I thought Amoeba was a simple protocol available in Minix.

Had a nifty feature whereby the acknowledgement to a packet was allowed to contian data, so if you exchanged files you could be very efficient in your file transfer. It was also very simple to program against. I'm sure it had tons of issues, but when we played with it in school it was quite nice.

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thanks Cooper I spelt it wrong (I'll blame it on me being ill and all LOL)

Seems like it died years ago


And thanks stingwray for the info I'll have to try it if I ever get a decent sized network lol (aka the room to put one in) :lol:

More info on:


I think there all dead projects on there though :(

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