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im assuming from the topic that matt posted that famicoman is still running the bbs,

ive got a competition kind of thing going(check link in sig) and i need the co-operation of the person running the bbs to be able to give the reward to the winner. i need to be able to transfer over 400mil gold.

if it helps my cause in this and your too lazy to check the contest topic. the contest is who can donate the most to hak5 and i need the daily transfer limit increased. and since our LoRD is registered it can be changed and increased.

what im asking is how to get in touch with him. he hasnt been on the forums since oct5 according to his profile


the contest is set to end in 3 days. and i know that with the speed of the internet contacting someone shouldnt take nearly that long but the internet is only as quick as the people who use it


okay so famicoman said he isn't running the bbs anymore so can anyone tell me who is and how to contact them?

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i have no idea. matt made the post that the bbs were back online. so he is a suspect. but he said it was thanks to famicoman. so he was a suspect. darren is like a project leader guy so he is too. i have no idea who is running this thing lol

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