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Hackers Lab? Free Hacking Zone...


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Hello I recently remembered a website I found a long time ago that was pretty cool! It's called hackers lab and basically the idea was there's different levels, and you have to figure out how to get to the next level by using your hacking skills! Each level becomes harder and harder.

Back when I discovered the website I wasn't that great with computers yet so I couldn't get past the second level. (Some how I made it to the second level, the first must've been really easy)

Anyway now I remembered it and wanted to try to again and see if I could get farther! but the problem is it is down now... The website is still up but the telnet server is down :(


So basically is there anything else like hackerlab.org that is up and running?

It's a cool idea, and you won't get in any trouble, too bad its down...

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yeah same, I haven't been there since some year in the 1990's probably about 10 years ago! lol That explains why its probably down... Back when I had Windows 95! ;)

Anyway yeah thats what I'm looking for, something were you can telnet in... I'll checkout HackThisSite but it seems a little different than hackerslab... (no telnet)

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the hackthissite guys came to CarolinaCon last year and set up a contest, great group.

When I read the post title I thought you were talking about an actual hacker lab.. In North Carolina the NC2600 group got together and rented space, we had a T1 hookup and through donations we had an entire rack space 3 servers, you name it.. We had it for over a year, but ran into problems with the company supplying the T1. (they didn't know what they were doing) So as of now all the hardware are in members garages but hopefully soon we'll get another hacker lab together.

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