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Obama's for more IT Jobs

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Are you serious about the abortion thing? that is someones personal choice.. im so glad Obama is president now and not some crazy person. I'll put it like this most people in America dont make 250k and over per a year, if you do im sure their is ways to get around it (taxes), but we need to build our own "country first" we have no reason to be in iraq, we have not got bin laden yet and its a bunch of crap, now we have a good president which i think will do an awesome job as long as no stupid white trash nazi rednecks try to get rid of him.

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You assuming I'm Catholic? You don't have to be Catholic to be aggainst Abortion. Yes they are a main group opposed to it though.

I never did say anything against Technology or Civilization. Did I?

No, origional sin is a christian idea, its not limited to catholics.

Actually, you were edging towards this with your comments about sex being something you shouldn't do because it might lead to unwanted children.

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Well, Obama won last night so...


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People keep thinking that the whole trickle down, or voo doo economics is a good thing, but it hasn't worked since Reagan or even before him. The rich keep getting richer while the middle class pays for everything. It just doesn't and hasn't worked. Ever. The cost of living goes up each year, yet the annual income for middle class families stays about the same, with no corresponding shift in wage increases to match the inflation of everything around them.

Energy costs, groceries, housing, oil heating and gas costs keep rising, yet minimum wage is still very low across the board and only moderately more than it was a decade ago before Bush came into office. It was low then, and with the cost of everything today, it might be more than it was a decade ago, but has not increased in proportion to the cost of living. I for one would like to see the rich have to pay a proportionate tax to wag difference to match what the middle class has to pay. It should not be a flat tax or same percentage across the board because the more you make, the more you can afford for everything, including an increase in taxes. I pay about 10,000.00 a year in taxes, take home net(after taxes) somewhere in the ballpark of 45,000.00 a year, and I tell you, I am barely above poverty where I live. I struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on, to keep up repairs on my truck and to even buy simple things like shoes and clothes for myself, my wife and daughters, one of whom was just born. My rent goes up every year(I could never afford a house on what I make alone with all other bills factored in) and so does my medical insurance. This year when I get my raise, my new medical insurance in January not only takes away my ENTIRE raise, but then some. I will effectively take home LESS per pay check starting in January then I did this year, yet I am getting a dollar raise. My raise is about a 4% increase in wages for the year, yet it doesn't even cover the cost of medical insurance, and with the fact that my rent will go up again, and gas prices continue to rise, and groceries keep getting more expensive, I may have to rob a bank or knock off a liquor store just to put gas in my truck to make it to work. I mean, lets be real. Our economy is shit and has been on the decline for the past 6-8 years now. Every since we went to Iraq things have gotten worst, and not everything in our country can be blamed on 9/11 alone. Poor leadership, both sides of the fence from Republicans and Democrats, congress and most importantly Bush and Cheney, have corrupted every value and worth we had as a country during the past 8 years. People say Obama will be the biggest liberal spender, but Bush has spent MORE money than any other president in the history of the United States!

Fact, we spend more money on our military than every other militarized country in the world, combined. Yeah, that one kind of took me too, but go look it up. Why on earth do we need 3 new nuclear subs a year, when they cost somewhere in the realm of 2.6 billion dollars per sub? Is Bin Laden hiding at the bottom of the ocean? And why is it that we need to shift money from other government programs to pay for the war, yet our men and women can't get decent bullet proof vests and properly shielded hum-v's?

Our priorities are screwed up as a nation, and we have broken our relations with every country around the world, but also with our own people. Our country has become more divided, and not just in two, but many different groups, from different economic classes, to educated classes, to social, religious and political classes, to completely new ones, like the homeless networks of people in Los Angeles, and Louisiana who have been left out to dry and fend for themselves, or rely on volunteers to come forward and help them rebuild their homes and lives.

I hope that under Obama as president, we come together as one nation, and shed all of our drama for a united cause or rebuilding our country and our relations with each other and the countries around the world. Where we can be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished over the last 200 years instead of the shame of the last 8 over shadowing all that we stand and fight for. Freedom, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. A country that is once again for the people, by the people, and not for the corporations and wall street, where we are for the children and their education, instead of cutting funds for extra carricular activities to pay for higher teachers salaries when they continue to fail the children. A country that doesn't care if you are black or white, male or female, gay or straight, but only cares that you are an American! That you are willing to fight for your rights and those of others, and to see to it that government does not trample on all of those rights, that oversight, not just on things like the banking industry or oil companies, are put into effect to keep accountability on everyone in charge, from president all the way down to the lowest on the totem pole!

Give us back our rights to privacy, the right to question authority and protest without fear or arrest or discrimination, the right to challenge every decision that our government makes without fear of being called a terrorist or anti patriotic.

I want the chance for all of us to be able to make a decent wage, enough to afford health care, an education, buy a home and a nice car, to be able to afford to put gas in that car, put food on the table while still having money to invest in retirement and a future for our kids.

Obama was not my first choice for president, but I voted for him and I believe he is the right person to get the job done. He will not have the luxury of coming into office with a surplus of money like Clinton left Bush. He will not have the luxury of coming into office during a time of peace, when we are at war on three fronts. Iraq, Afghanistan and where ever the hell Bin Laden really is. He will not come into office with the assurance that other nations will be his allies in a time of need, or that other countries will continue to buy and trade with us. He will not have the luxury of a booming economy or high numbered workforce. He faces an all time high for unemployment, an all time high for overall deficit and a nation divided on every subject that effects all of us, yet somehow, people saw in him enough to make their voice heard and voted him as the majority. Not just the electoral vote needed to win, but also the popular vote among all Americans. He is our new president, and we need to get behind him 100% the same as we would if McCain were to have been elected. We need to heal the problems we face today and for the past 6-8 years of the Bush administration, and we need a clean slate to start a new way of thinking, a new direction with a new president who has ideas outside the box.

He at least deserves the next 4 years to even try, and I say try because no one would have any better a chance, but try to make a dent into the problems we now face and have been going through the past 8 years. Anybody coming into office right now would be up against the same shit storm of a mess and I personally don't think McCain has the judgment or tenacity to get the job done, nor do I think he has the people behind him on his choices and plan to get us back on track.

"The American people have spoken" to quote McCain yesterday "and they have spoken clearly!"

Obama is now our president, so lets get to work!

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