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All steps complete, cant get back into web interface/ssh!

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Whey! this took me most of the day, since my la fonera was on the latest firmware, and i couldnt change my default routers DNS (dam sky) so i had to flash an old Fon WRT54GL that i had never used first lol!

Anywho after hours and hours, i managed to get everything on the la fonera, it was a bitch seeing that i dont tend to use the wifi..

now, i have my Jasager/wrt fon router plugged into my main sky router (that assigns ips my comp is and the fon router is although i cant get to either web interface via

im connected via lan to the sky router..

And when i connect via wifi to the fon router, its like im connected to my sky router, connecting to

So im real stuck, can someone help please =]

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not 100% sure what you mean but I think you are saying that you think the Fon has but when you try to access it through the web interface you get the Sky router. If so then it sounds like sky is on that ip.

The easiest way to find out is to ping .7 and then unplug the device, if you get responses which then die when you unplug it then you are right, if they don't stop then something else is on that ip.

If it isn't on that IP then you can use nmap to do a ping and OS scan to work out what ip it is on, if any. Unless you set the Fon up to get its ip from dhcp then it doesn't by default so it will be on a hardcoded address.

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