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im in need of a good video player to use in ubuntu studio. i got spoiled in windows because i had the feature rich kmplayer which puts vlc to shame in my opinion. both in functionality and looks. but kmplayer is native to windows so i cant use it. i liked the kmplayer because it played everything and had capture ability for screenshots, audio, and video.

everytime i take a screenshot with vlc its corrupt. not to mention i cant stand how vlc controls. i need an alternative.

the only qualifications are that it needs to be able to play .avi and it needs functioning screenshot. a plus for one would be that it can be installed via apt-get but it really doesnt matter. ill try just about anything before i pick the best for my needs.

please refrain from posting if you plan to post anything like the following examples:

vlc kicks ass. you just cant use it properly

vlc is powerful i will admit but im not looking for power. its pretty basic for most video players to be able to take screenshots. and thats all i really need is something that can play without glitching and can take screenshots properly.

applications>accessories>take screenshot. there ya go

dont bother posting that. lower quality screenshot and is more trouble than it should be. i stopped doing that years ago and i see no reason to go back. ill boot into vista to watch videos before i do that crap again.

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