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Hack Dell Dock on non-Dell machines


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You can setup Vista and XP that looks like MAC...Quick Launch/View/Large icons B)

You talking about flyakiteOSX (http://www.flyakiteosx.com/). Easy to use interface, lots of tools and extra's built right in. If your a MAC fan but use a windows box at work/home/whatever I'd recommend this.

Besides rocketdock, you also have ObjectDock as well. They have a free and paid version. Paid allows you to add as many docks as you want, free only gives you one. You also have many other neat visualization options right from Stardock.com's website.

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nice background ;)

the only problem i found with that is the quicklaunch toolbar icons consume space that the minimized windows take up.

so depending on your screen size, this could be an issue.

there are ways to make your own toolbar by taking a folder and making that a toolbar, where you can then detach the toolbar from the task bar. (even have it auto-hide)

I didnt like that option b/c it wasn't flashy or easy on the eyes, just a generic box with icons/text in it.

yes Windows 7 does a much better job and organizing the task bar and I can't wait to play around with that.

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NECRO! :lol:

You can easily install it by unpacking DellDock15d_setup_ENG.exe to folder. Then unpack delldock.res with 7z and just delete DETECTOEM.EXE from it. But after it's installed it wont run anyway xD Maybe you can res-hack it, but I was to lazy for that. You can prolly code a fake detect module which will tell the dock "Okay man, I'm sure this is a Dell ;)"

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