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Boot multiple ISO with PXE


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Ok, just got a new aspire one netbook, and i got a little project for this little guy!

I'm wondering if some kind of system exist to let me boot my "bootable ISOs CD/DVD" on the network with my netbook. I don't care if it is running on linux / windows...

What would be nice is to boot a client computer, boot it from PXE, and a menu appear asking for witch image to load

(Ex:. Spinrite, UBCD, Windows XP, BT3, etc...) and my pxeserver (netbook) will automaticaly load the correct OS in the client system.

Or I load an ISO, in my TFTP server on my netbook and send it some kind of way to the client PXE card.

Possible or not?!

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I've looked for this in the past without success. While it's possible to take (for instance) a live Ubuntu CD and make it bootable via PXE, I've not found a method that will network boot to a menu that will subsequently network boot unmodified ISO images.

Frankly, I think that product would simply be too useful to exist in this world :)

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