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modded xbox controller issue


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after i quit playing my old xbox(didnt get a 360 just got bored) i turned my controller into a usb gamepad. worked perfectly.

still does in my old computer but when i plug it into the new laptop it doesnt register it as a gamepad until the drivers are installed obviously. once the drivers are installed it works fine until its unplugged once. then it will not register the usb port even being in use after i plug it back in and the gamepad does nothing.

i plug it into a different port and go through the driver process again. then and once again same problem. works once then never again.

does anyone know the issue?

the new comp runs vista. the old runs xp. it works fine in the old as long as i use the same usb port each time while the new one does the above

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I had this same exact problem the usb port that i kept trying to plug it into would stop working until reboot. As you discribed. I have not found a solution yet but just wrote it off as VISTA.

i say its vista as well but there has to be some way to fix this problem. if you have an issue you work your way around it somehow. so im hoping someone out there had this issue and fixed it their own way. at least until i can find a way to fix it

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I got a possible solution maybe running driver install in compatibilty mode windows xp sp2 maybe try that.

i think that may have worked. its running just fine. just finished playing a ps1 game and the controller worked the whole time

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