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Ipod Security


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I've just recently had a friend of mine's ipod stolen. I'm a serious worry-wart when it comes to things of mine being stolen. Any way is such a thing happens i can get my ipod back. Also is there anyway i can put a password on such an ipod so it only works for me?

btw im very computer illeterate so the dumber the better XD

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I'm guessing the answer is 'you can't' since no one else replied. I wasn't sure if the Apple iPod firmware had any functionality like this, but I looked in to rockbox and it defiantly doesn't offer any thing for this.

I can imagine, however, that such functionality would be far from difficult to implement. It could even be done in a stylistic fashion such as using the click wheel to spin a image of a safe dial and enter a pass code in this manor.

Without encrypting all the music on the iPod this functionality would be defeated by resetting the firmware. (however you do that on a iPod).

You would definitely need to erase the Apple firmware from the iPod other wise any one who knew how to control with OS the iPod booted could just load the Apple firmware and completely bypass any security in the rockbox firmware.

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