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Problems at step 11

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Ok, to start off I'm a newb to most of this stuff. I started this project to give me a challenge and also for educational purposes. Basically, I have followed the tutorial to the "T". The problem I am experiencing is when the flash utility is running I can get it to see the FON and start the process, it flashes the root without a hitch but when it goes to flash the kernel I get an error and then it closes. I don't have the exact error due to the fact that almost immediately after it throws the error the utility closes itself(which I have read is normal). I have tried the flashing process both directly connected from my computer to the FON and also through a switch, both return the same results. I'm kinda stuck at this point and any insight to what the problem can be would be greatly appreciated.

There is only one thing that I think COULD be the problem, yet i doubt it is: When I patched the RedBoot and kernel the directions say to patch the kernel, then reboot -- did that and it rebooted fine-- then when I patched the Redboot it rewrote fine and completed but upon a reboot there it didn't come back and just hung, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and continued on.

If the RedBoot file is corrupted or I the fact it didn't boot back up after a reboot, is my FON screwed? or can I still push on due to the fact I am able to get the utility to kickoff, read and pickup my FON, and start the flashing process?

Thx guys for any help!

One last thing, I'm doing this on Ubuntu 8.04, and for the utility I had to switch to windows to run the .exe

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OK, got it to actually flash. I think I know the reason now.

With the above problem, I consulted a friend who was also putting together a Jasager. He mentioned that he tried the flash process while watching the task manager and noticed it peaked the CPU. Then I realized I was at work and the computer I was using was weak in comparison to my home PC. The work computer had a 3Ghz P4 and 1Gb of DDR, the home PC has at least a dual-core AMD and 3Gb of DDR2. The reason I didn't use the home computer before was because it's a Vista gaming machine (that dual-boots Ubuntu) :rolleyes: . 'Hardy' took care of the telneting and SSH but the .exe, I had to run on Windows. I tried on Vista at first but it had the .dll problems so I DL'd WinPcap and installed it. It then kicked off like it should but gave me a message that no interface could be found. That's when I took it to work and used XP. That's when I got the message from the above post that the packets for the kernel couldn't be sent and it would shutdown. Tonight I came home after what I found out at work about the CPU and tried it again, once again I got the message of no interface found. Running out of options I decided to DL and mess with WireShark. After installing it, as an accident, I clicked on the flash utility and it worked and showed my NIC. Overwhelmed with happiness, I started a flash process (which by now is damn near second nature). I now have Jasager: Karma on the FON!

so the fix...

1. at least a dual core and 2Gb of ram (just my suggestion, I sure some have done it with less)

2. WinPcap installed

3. WireShark installed for whatever it is that is contains that allows the flash to work in Vista

I'm a happy man now, all I need to do now is mess with it and figure out what I want to do with it, of course after a battery pack mod! ;)

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