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Darren speaking at Phreaknic

Darren Kitchen

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If you are who i think you are, youre talk was out standing. Too bad you rushed it. I know a lot of people afterwards were really into your adaption of the haksaw.

Yeah that's me. I really hated the guy before me went over on time so much, but I felt what he was doing was important. I really wanted to get everyone out by 6 PM, so I screamed through it on purpose and still only got out 4 minutes before. I was actually sitting there dropping slides as it got later and later! I actually cut it from 28 to 14 in the middle of his presentation. Anyways, I'm glad you liked it. I distributed probably 50 copies total of my payload and the customizer so far.

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I plan to post the videos for streaming for those speakers that said I could. Tcstool, what link should I use when I credit you work? Got a personal site?

Hey you can use http://tcstool.wordpress.com...I plan to get that going full swing after a shaky start. It's tough to run a blog with a new baby in your house!

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