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MS Outlook Default.prf question


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We have a bunch of machines to image and send to remote users, and the guy doing it wants some way to load a default profile for each user during log on. Right now they all have to be configured manually. The Office install we use is loaded right on our corporate image.

I've tried using the custom maintenance wizard to no avail, and even tried a batch file. All it needs to do is configure the proper Exchange server, and load their windows userid from Windows logon, so it configures and they can open it up without headaches.

Anyone know a good way to do this?

Thank for any help with this.

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This is pissing me off too. A few profiles aren't roaming, including mine :angry: so every PC I log onto i have to set up my exchange servers again. probably get a batch file on everyones net work drive so each user can just log on then double click to get setup. I am NOT talking anymore halfwits through setting up outlook.

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